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Title of Presentation: Florida’s Clean Marina Program: Compliance through Education

Author: Florida Department of Environmental Protection with the cooperative efforts of the Marine Industries Association of Florida, marine professionals throughout Florida and the United States, Florida SeaGrant, Boat US/Clean Water Trust, International Marina Institute, Florida Council of Yacht Clubs and local agencies. Debora Morgan Hall, Senior Management Analyst -- Program Development/Education/Outreach, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Law Enforcement, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000, Telephone 850-488-5757 ext 139; e mail


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Abstract: There is a direct link to the future of the marina industry and clean water. Clean water is necessary for the livelihood and the well being of our communities. If the waters are too polluted to recreate, then the boaters will go elsewhere. To meet both the letter and the spirit of our state’s environmental laws, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has been in partnership with both private and public entities in the marine industry to develop a Clean Marina Program. First and most importantly, we want to ensure that we provide educational information to marinas and boaters on pollution prevention measures. Understanding the complexities of our resources and learning how we affect our environment, for better or for worse, will improve how we manage our coastal environment. We have designed the Florida Clean Marina program to introduce simple, innovative solutions called Marina Environmental Measures. The aim of the Clean Marina Program (CMP) is prevention. Marinas and boaters may not be aware of the environmental laws, rules and jurisdictions with which they must comply. Compound that with the reality that environmental and operational problems are usually addressed after they happen rather than anticipated.

The goal of CMP is Clean Marina Designation. Designation lets boaters that use the marina know that these businesses adhere to — or exceed program criteria, including Marina Environmental Measures. Voluntary participation, "pier" pressure and desire to do environmentally conscious activities and reinforcement of current regulatory processes are the common elements. This approach provides opportunities for public and private entities to work together, as well as, provide incentives and remove institutional roadblocks to wise resource stewardship.