Aquatic Resources Education Association


Title of Presentation: Evaluating Floridaís Kidís Fishing Clinics, the First Years.


Presenters: Cathy Japour, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of Marine Fisheries, 620 South Meridian Street, Mail Box MF-OAE, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600, Phone: 850-488-6058, Fax: 850-488-7152, Email:

A/V Needs: Digital Projector, laptop (PowerPoint presentation)

Abstract: The Kidsí Fishing Clinics program consists of one-day clinics held in coastal areas around Florida. Between September 1996 and April 2000, just over 15,000 kids participated in 41 clinics. With community support, over 13,500 rod combos were given to participating children. The goal of these clinics is to teach responsible resource stewardship. Added benefits include teaching a lifetime hobby that has positive lasting effects. In a preliminary effort to evaluate the clinicís effectiveness, Responsive Management, Inc. was contracted in the spring of 1999 to survey participants from the first two years of the clinic. Two hundred recipients of rods, 200 non-recipients and 200 non-participants, were asked a series of questions regarding their fishing behavior before and after a clinic as well as their knowledge of marine resource management and protection. Results show that 79% of all participants really liked the clinic. Thirteen (13) percent of clinic participants had not fished before attending a clinic, and 31% had fished less than five times. Eighty-one (81) percent of all clinic participants have fished since attending a clinic and 63% have purchased fishing equipment. Nineteen (19) percent more non-recipients than recipients bought a fishing rod, but 17% more recipients bought tackle than non-recipients. Results from the rest of the survey will be presented as well as the parameters for the current survey being conducted.