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Title of Presentation: POW!: The Planning of Wetlands

Author: Karen L. Ripple, Education Director, Environmental Concern Inc., P. O. Box P, St. Michaels, MD 21663; telephone 410-745-9620; fax 410-745-3517; Email

Presenters: Karen L. Ripple, Education Director, Environmental Concern Inc.

A/V Needs: slide projector and overhead projector

Abstract: Wetlands, those transitional zones between land and water, exist all over the world, but are rapidly disappearing. Most aquatic organisms are dependent upon these unique habitats for at least a portion of their lives and some live their entire lives in wetlands. One way of providing for these species that face staggering habitat losses is to create, restore, and enhance wetlands, then monitor them. POW!: The Planning of Wetlands trains educators to do just that. (A planned wetland is one that is created, restored, or enhanced.)

POW! is both a manual and a course designed to guide educators and students through wetland projects using a series of hands-on activities. Background information on the technical aspects of designing and constructing wetlands is provided in the manual as well as a series of activities that lead educators and students step-by-step through the process. Monitoring activities cover the areas of hydrology, water quality, soils, plants, and animals of all kinds. All activities are correlated with the National Science Content Standards. The overall format of POW! is similar to that of WOW!: The Wonders of Wetlands which was also created and published by Environmental Concern Inc., a small non-profit organization devoted entirely to wetlands.

In the presentation, participants will view both natural and planned wetlands, be introduced to the guide and course, and take part in an activity from POW!. Participants will receive a copy of the activity presented, and information on wetland publications and training opportunities.