Aquatic Resources Education Association


Title of Presentation: SC Reel Kids (Youth and Fishing in South Carolina)

Author:  Be Harrison, SCDNR Aquatic Education Specialist PO Box 167 Columbia, SC 29202 (803)-737-8483

Presenter: BeBe Harrison, SCDNR Aquatic Education Specialist

A/V Needs: Overhead projector, VCR/Television, projector for laptop

Abstract: Anglers and non-anglers are both interested in more environmental/aquatic education for the youth of South Carolina. For the past two years, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is currently using evaluation and survey methods to determine what youth are looking for and what is needed in the aquatic education arena. SC Reel Kids is an aquatic education program that has been developed using data collected in these surveys. SC Reel Kids is designed to be fun, educational, and hands-on. The program will introduce youth under 16 to the aquatic world through angling, conserving and protecting aquatic habitat, and aquatic study. The program is similar to scouting and the youth will receive rewards after accomplishing goals. Some of these goals include catching their first fish, visiting a fish hatchery, visiting a state park, and creating aquatic artwork. The background information, development of the program, and the program itself will be presented.