Aquatic Resources Education Association


Title of Presentation: Using RBFF to Achieve State ARE Goals

Author: Bruce Matthews, President and CEO, Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, 601 N Fairfax St. Suite 140, Alexandria, VA 22314 703-519-0013, fax 703-519-9565, Kristen LaVine, Program Manager, Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation,

Presenters: RBFF

A/V Needs: digital projector, laptop, overhead projector

Abstract: The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation was formed to carry out a national strategic plan to increase participation in fishing and boating, thereby increasing stewardship for the aquatic resources that support these activities. RBFF’s mission can best (and arguably only) be accomplished through successful collaborating and partnering among stakeholders. In so doing RBFF intends to build ownership of its efforts, and outcomes, among a broad array of key stakeholder groups including State Aquatic Educators. This goal requires a broad-based visionary strategy that combines both marketing and education approaches. If they are to be successful in accomplishing their charge, RBFF will need to: 1) assist aquatic resources, angler and boater educators in overcoming constraints and operating more effective programs; 2) facilitate networking and interaction among educators, and with stakeholders sharing education interests; 3) train stakeholders to use best practices in customer service, product delivery, target marketing, and education and outreach programs, including program delivery and evaluation of these programs; and 4) identify and disseminate information about innovative education and outreach programs. This interactive presentation will not only review what actions RBFF is currently taking to meet their objectives, but also ask for audience input on how RBFF and AREA can work together to help meet the goals of State Aquatic Resource Educators. Audience members should come prepared with the goals and objectives of their state programs and ideas for RBFF. Participants will walk away with a minimum of three specific ideas on how to use RBFF to deliver better programs in their homes states.