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Presentation Title: WOW!: The Wonders of Wetlands

Author: David Christopher, Wetlands Educator, Environmental Concern Inc., P. O. Box P, St. Michaels, MD 21663; telephone 410-745-9620; fax 410-745-3517; Email

Presenters: David Christopher, Wetlands Educator, Environmental Concern Inc.

A/V Needs: slide projector and overhead projector

Abstract: Wetlands, those transitional zones between land and water, exist all over the world. Most aquatic organisms are dependent upon these unique habitats for a portion of their lives, while some live only in wetlands. Because wetlands are transitional, they have characteristics of both land and water, as well as characteristics that are unique, but often misunderstood. WOW!: The Wonders of Wetlands provides background material to help educators understand these mysterious places and hands-on activities to guide students in exploring them. WOW!: The Wonders of Wetlands is an educators' guide that contains 44+ hands-on, multi-disciplinary activities for children in grades K-12. These activities cover a variety of topics and are designed to give students an appreciation of wetlands and their importance. Many activities are designed for outdoor use; some are more appropriately done indoors. All WOW! activities have recently been correlated to the National Science Content Standards. WOW! guides are available through Project WET or directly from Environmental Concern. While not a requirement, training is strongly encouraged for those using WOW! activities. Educator Workshops and Facilitator Training Workshops are available wherever requested through Environmental Concern. Both types of workshops as well as wetland courses for educators and professionals are also scheduled throughout the year at Environmental Concern's facility in St. Michaels, Maryland. In this presentation, participants will be introduced to the WOW! educators' guide and take part in activities from the WOW! book. Participants will receive a copy of each activity presented, and information on wetland publications and training opportunities.