Aquatic Resources Education Association
13 DRAFT UPDATED  DECEMBER 8, 2000 government employees, some of whom will be using vouchers, credit cards or direct agency billings.  Please state the procedures for obtaining prior credit approval. 3.7 COMPLIMENTARY ROOMS State the number and types of rooms normally provided and under what conditions. 3.8 FUNCTION SPACE The conference will need space as outlined on the attached sheet.  Please complete this form and describe the room arrangements that will be provided to meet these needs. Please be specific concerning which rooms you are proposing.  Special restrictions and location details should be outlined.  State any charges that will be applied to the use of hotel facilities. 3.9 EXHIBITORS The conference always provides space for exhibitors.  The number of exhibitors will range from 30 to 45, depending on the location of the conference and the specific interests of the organization.  Most exhibitors will bring their own displays, which do not usually exceed 10 feet.  Some are table-top displays and the hotel will be requested to provide for these. 3.10 HOSPITALITY, MEALS AND BANQUET SERVICES The Conference will hold a number of breakfasts and luncheons and an awards banquet. We will also provide daily coffee/soda breaks.  Describe the number and type of facilities available for meals.  State the usual pricing for group meals including service charges. Include copies of menus from in-house restaurants and cafes.  Indicate any special arrangements that can be made or services for which your hotel is especially noted.  Please discuss arrangements that can be made for a hospitality room during the conference. 3.11 PARKING AND AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION Discuss the hotel parking arrangements and costs for both guests and daily visitors to the conference.  Is airport transportation provided, and if so, what is the cost? 3.12 PERFORMANCE CLAUSE State hotel’s policy concerning the Association’s obligations should the number of attendees fall below expectations.  Additionally, bidder should indicate their ability to handle attendance above that projected. 3.13 CANCELLATION/AMENDMENT Once a contract is signed, it is not anticipated that the Organization will change its meeting location without cause.  Please state hotel policy concerning cancellation or amendment to our contract.