Aquatic Resources Education Association
14 DRAFT UPDATED  DECEMBER 8, 2000 3.14 AMERICANS WITH DISABILITY ACT (ADA) Please state commitment to and actions being taken to comply with the ADA requirements. SECTION 4. CONTRACT 4.1 NEGOTIATIONS The Conference sponsor will evaluate all proposals received for suitability.  Among others, the following criteria will be evaluated: suitability of meeting facilities, total estimated cost, convenience for conference and non-conference activities, willingness of the hotel personnel to meet the special needs of conference attendees, accessibility, parking, and availability of support services.  The sponsor will select a conference location and enter into a tentative contract to hold facilities.  The sponsor will submit its proposal. After the proposal is accepted, the sponsor and the Council of State Governments will enter into negotiations with the selected hotel to establish specific requirements and to reserve the needed facilities. 4.1 RESPONSE DATE Proposals should be submitted to the office of the Conference Coordinator by [your deadline date here]. DAILY CONFERENCE REQUIREMENTS TYPE OF MEETING TIME MEETING STYLE *PLEASE INSERT NAME OF ROOM NO. OF ATTENDEES