Aquatic Resources Education Association
DRAFT UPDATED  DECEMBER 8, 2000 e. Develop strategic plans for the future; provide organization and direction to the members; and develop strategies to ensure adequate funding of aquatic education activities; f. Serve as a communication liaison between agencies, and industry and state aquatic resource education coordinators to develop, promote, and report on program activities. g. To promote education and wise-use management and conservation of aquatic resources, and those recreational sports related to them. The primary forum for these activities is the Association’s conference, which occurs every two years. Definitions AREA Board.  The Board is the executive governing body of the association.   The Board contains four officers; Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and regional representatives.    AREA National Conference Committee. Vice Chair Other member from AREA Board of Directors Chairperson of previous Conference At least two staff from previous Conference At least two people from current host state/local conference committee. Where possible, at least two members from local conference committee for next conference. The Board appoints members to this committee for four-year terms.    Local Conference Committee.   This group includes the AREA members’ agency staff (or other member agencies if there is multi-state sponsorship) sponsoring the conference. Conference proposal.  A proposal from potential sponsors or local conference committee outlining their proposed conference dates, times and location of the conference. Hotel request for proposal.  A template used by sponsors to solicit bids for conference location.  Its use is not mandatory.  However, we suggest its use.