Aquatic Resources Education Association
3 DRAFT UPDATED  DECEMBER 8, 2000 Responsibilities The Board has the following conference responsibilities: C appoint AREA board members to the National Conference Committee. C provide the National Conference Committee with broad direction on a   conference focus. C review National Committee recommendations for conference sites and approve conference location and conference agenda. Responsibilities for the National Conference Committee include: C Solicitation collection and review of proposals C Give Board recommendations for conference sites C Solicitation, review and selection for technical session presenters/symposia (i.e. call for papers) C Solicitation of speakers from national partners for large group sessions C Long range (5-to 10-yr) conference coordination and planning C Give potential sponsors direction and recommendations for scheduling and site selection C Serve as liaison between Board and Sponsor C review and approval of AREA expenditures related to the conference C Solicitation of national sponsors, including but not limited to: US Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Federal Aid, American Sportfishing Association Responsibilities of Local Conference Committee include: C Prepare and submit a proposal to host the conference following specifications included. After selection C Secure a conference site by establishing contract with conference lodging and/or meeting provider C Provide at least two members to the national conference committee C Conference program planning (with AREA Conference Committee) C Conference promotion, registration and on-site support C Transportation for field trips and other off-site activities C Collection of conference registration fees, payment/travel for speakers and other expenses directly related to the conference C Coordination of social activities C Coordination of an exhibit session/sharing fair C Solicitation of local/regional sponsors