Aquatic Resources Education Association
6 DRAFT UPDATED  DECEMBER 8, 2000 address system, video cassette player & tv, digital, slide and overhead projectors, and easel with pads/flip chart. We will need these rooms for the duration of the conference. (3.) The exhibit area should be capable of handling as many as 50 table-top or free-standing displays. The location must provide electricity and tables. Controlled access to this room is desired, but not a requirement.  This room will be needed at least one day, preferably two.   f. The site should have banquet facilities for the last night of the conference.  This includes a buffet meal, a speaker dais, public address system.  In addition, the host may wish to have a band or disc jockey for entertainment.  In these instances the banquet facilities should include a dance floor.   g. Airport shuttle—ideally, the hotel other vendors will provide transportation to and from the airport.  However, when this shuttle service is unavailable, the conference sponsor must supply this service.   h. Audio/Visual—it is to the state host’s advantage to select a site that can provide a/v support.  Use hotel RFP template for specifics.  If host state will assume these responsibilities refer to room specifics in part d, above.  In many large cities companies provide these services. i.  Reservations—location must be able to take individual room reservations and bill individuals.   i.  Complimentary rooms—many locations offer complimentary rooms as part of the conference package.  The conference sponsor may use these rooms for out-of-town speaker lodging, agency staff assisting with conference or local conference committee.   The Sponsor should identify the number of complimentary rooms in the conference proposal. C. Conference Session Specifics 1.  Sessions & Presentations The National Committee will identify speakers and presenters and the Sponsor for the conference.  This includes plenary (a large group) sessions and technical presentations.   The sponsor is responsible only for on-site needs for speakers and presenters.  This includes lodging and meeting room arrangements, audio visual, compiling session and speaker information.