Aquatic Resources Education Association
8 DRAFT UPDATED  DECEMBER 8, 2000 D. Timetable of Events Listed below are some critical deadlines established by the AREA Board.  Once the Board has made a selection for a site, there may be other deadlines established by the Board, the Conference Committee or the sponsors. Submit Proposal for 2002 Conference (potential sponsors)-April 1, 2001 Announce date/location (Sponsor)--2002:12 months prior to date Call for papers (Conference Committee)--9 months prior Speaker Selection (Conference Committee)--6 months prior Pre-registration 1. Registration teaser (Sponsor)--9-12 months prior 2. Registration materials (sponsor)--in participants hands 6 months prior Conference Submit a final report to board (includes a financial report)--3 months after conference E. Registration Requirements Because of the competition for time and financial resources, AREA membership will benefit from an early announcement of the dates and times of the conference.  The sponsor cannot make this announcement too early, but they should make it at least one year prior to the event (exceptions can and will be made for 2002 conference).  It is not necessary for this announcement to be a formal one. Part III. Information requested from host state Section A. Narrative This is where you present your proposal for the 2002 Conference to the Committee.  You should also explain why you think your site will be a good one for the AREA conference.   In doing so, we ask that you address each item listed in Part II Conference Specifications.  Conference dates and/or conference sites that don’t meet the specifications will not be considered. Section B. Estimated Budget Include in this section your proposed budget for the Conference.  The Committee and Board are particularly interested in the following: registration material costs, conference registration fees, miscellaneous expenses including: travel, and field trips and to identify potential funding needs. Section C. Proposed timetable This should outline your plan of action for the conference, with specific dates (from #6 in Part 2) identified. Section D. Identification of key contacts