September 28 - October 2, 2002
Chico Hot Springs
Emigrant, MT



Biennial Conference of the Aquatic Resources Education Association

September 28 - October 2, 2002
Chico Hot Springs
Emigrant, MT

You are cordially invited to submit presentation proposals for review and inclusion in the conference program. Papers will be selected based on originality, quality, and use of related research and application to aquatic resources education programs.

All abstracts must be received no later than the deadline of May 5, 2002

The AREA Conference

The Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA) is a professional association of national, state and territorial natural resource and fishery education managers, program coordinators and education specialists, university faculty and others involved or interested in the management and delivery of aquatic resources education programs. AREA is an affiliate of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Associations.

AREA sponsors a conference every two years for exchanging information about aquatic resources programs, program management and program evaluation to assist its members in the administration and delivery aquatic resources education programs.

Submitting a Presentation Proposal

Abstracts are required for all presentations.

Program Evaluation - evaluation of program and/or materials effectiveness, needs assessments, public surveys and related research.

Professional Development - training of education program staff, volunteers and other partners, programs and materials to assist with management of education programs.

Model Programs - programs that use current research and can be replicated easily.

Abstracts must be submitted digitally (MS Word, WordPerfect 6.0 or greater, or ASCII), either on disk or through e-mail. Abstracts may be submitted via e-mail to

Diskettes (3.5") should be mailed to:

Hector Cruz-Lopez
AREA Conference
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
801 NW 40 Street
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Should you have any questions or problems, call Hector at 561/391-6409, or leave message at 1-888-510-2146.

All abstracts must be received no later than the deadline of May 5, 2002.

The following information, in the format below, must accompany each abstract:
  1. Presentation category
  2. Title of presentation
  3. Author(s), affiliations, addresses and telephone numbers.
  4. Name and title of presenter (as it will appear in program)
  5. Audio/Visual equipment needs
  6. Abstract (no more than 250 words). The abstract should provide an overview of your presentation, your results, etc.


  1. Presentation Category: Program Evaluation
  2. Title of presentation: Integrating the 4H Sportfishing Program into State Aquatic Resources Education Program – Panel Discussion
  3. Author(s): Hector Cruz-Lopez, Biological Scientist IV
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    801 NW 40th Street
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
  4. Presenter: Hector Cruz-Lopez, Moderator
    Jon Lyman, Alaska Fish and Game Department
    Laurel Garlicki, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
    Robert Jones, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

  5. Audio/Visual Equipment: digital projector.
  6. Abstract:

The National 4-H Sportfishing program is probably the newest aquatic resources education program. It incorporates angling skills, tackle crafting, human dimensions, and aquatic ecology into a package that promotes responsible long-term individual and community involvement in sportfishing and resource conservation. The national program trains teams in five disciplines to go back to their states and train instructors and leaders. Of the forty-one states that have participated in the workshops, 30 have active teams or committees and 25 report working in connection with their state’s ARE program. A summary of this and other curricula used to complement state’s ARE outreach and education efforts are presented. A panel representing states that work in connection with the 4-H Sportfishing Program and states that do not will discuss their positions and receive input regarding the benefits of this program.

Authors will be required to provide a manuscript of the presentation for publication in the "Proceedings of the Aquatic Resources Education Association Conference". Manuscripts are due at the time of your presentation. Papers will be submitted to a peer-review process and edited prior to publication.

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