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Jim Posewitz Jim spent his career with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and is now Executive Director of Orion the Hunter’s Institute.  Author of Beyond Fair Chase, Jim will discuss the history of the conservation movement, especially as it pertains to the western United States, and the role that hunters and anglers have played
Vince Yannone Vince currently does educational programs and seminars for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Discovery Channel.  He will discuss Montana’s Native Fish Education Efforts, as well as share his views on the role of conservation agencies in education.
Ken Overcast Ken is a third-generation rancher from northern Montana, and a singer with 6 albums and a Grammy Award nomination to his credit, as well as a storyteller and cowboy poet.

Model Programs


1.       Using the STEP OUTSIDE program to strengthen sportfishing educational programs - Sharon Rushton,  Jodi DiCamillo, STEP OUTSIDE Program, and Mark Duda, Responsive Management.

2.       The States’ Perspective About the Aquatic Nuisance Species Issue and the “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!” Public Awareness Campaign - Joe Starinchak, USFWS, Division of Fish & Wildlife Management Assistance.

3.       Healthy Water, Healthy People – Innovative Water Quality Education Tools for Professional Aquatic Educators - John Etgen, Montana State University.

4.       “Agua Pura” : Engaging Latino Youth and Families in Aquatic Resource Issues - Michael Marzolla and Andrez Montiel, University of California Cooperative Extension.

5.       Interactive CD-ROM and Database-Driven Websites – Wildlife Education for the Masses using Multimedia and the Internet - Douglas Galarus, Information Technology Office, University of Montana.

6.       Partnerships That Work - Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Cooperative Extension - Ann Miller, Texas Parks and Wildlife and Larry Hysmith, Texas Cooperative Extension.

7.       WILD about FISH, aka WET, WILD and Fishy - Theresa Stabo, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

8.       Military Family Service Programs - Lonnie D. Nelson, Kentucky Department Fish and Wildlife Resources

9.       The River Continuum Poster Series - Lonnie D. Nelson, Kentucky Department Fish and Wildlife Resources

10.   Trout Unlimited’s First Cast Program – Introducing Kids to Stewardship Through Fly Fishing - Duncan Blair, Trout Unlimited.

11.   Green Eggs and Sand - Cindy Grove, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Gary Kreamer, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.



Program Evaluation


1.      South Carolina Youth Aquatic Survey Results - BeBe Harrison, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Mark Duda, David Allen, and Gene Hayes, Responsive Management.

2.       Fishing for the Future: Establishing and Maintaining a 4-H Sportfishing Program - Douglas L. Steele, National 4-H Sportfishing Program, Mark Cronquist, Colorado Extension Service, Jon Lyman, Alaska Fish and Game, and Larry Hysmith, Texas Extension Service.



Professional Development


1.       Production of large-format interpretation materials in-house, using existing engineering-type plotters - Michael F. O'Malley, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

2.       Promoting Best Practices for Teachers and Educators in the Collection of Marine and Freshwater Organisms - Rob Kramer and George Shipp, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

3.       Investigation for the Use of Summer Camp Staff to Deliver and Develop Aquatic Education Programs - Keith Koupal, Nebraska Game and Parks, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, and Laura Jerome, Future Fisherman Foundation.

4.       Todo el Mundo a Pescar: Invite Us All! - Margarita Lara and Shari Dann, Michigan State University, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife.


Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation


1.       Passport to Fishing, Boating, and Aquatic Stewardship: An Updated "Pathway to Fishing" Event-based Program - Stephanie Hussey, RBFF.

2.       Working for you in big ways! An Overview of Two Major Web Tools For Aquatic Educators,, and - Jen Patterson, RBFF.

3.       Re-cap of the Retailer Initiative: Results of the Wal-Mart Efforts - Stephanie Hussey, RBFF.

Update of Best Practices in Aquatic Resources Education Programs – Presenter to be announced, sponsored by RBFF.

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