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Conference Call
March 3, 2005

Chairman Jimmy Barnett called the meeting to order at 12:35pm CST. Board members present: Marc Sommer, Laurel Garlicki, Amanda Wuestefeld, Dave Hagengruber, Jenifer Mathees, Doug Thornburg, BeBe Harrison, and Bob Jones.

Jimmy requested that Laurel send out the Strategic Plan for a membership vote to adopt.

Jimmy reviewed the committee structure: 
• Marc Sommer is chair of the Conference Committee.
• Doug Darr is chair of the Membership Committee and is no longer on the Board. He will be contacted to be part of our next Board conference call.
o Bob Jones is head of the Awards Subcommittee and should review comments from 2004 conference. Jimmy will forward other comments he received by e-mail.
o Tony Fedler is head of the Scholarship Committee and has some ideas underway for the fund.
• Laurel Garlicki is chair of the Administrative Committee and will finish up with her assigned tasks.
• Jon Lyman is chair of the Education Committee.
• Jimmy is chair of the Executive Committee, which consists of the Board.

Although there had been discussion of the Board getting together for a face-to-face meeting in the off years, there are no plans to do so in 2005. As incoming chair, Marc may choose to do so in 2007.

Jimmy inquired whether the IRS was mailed a copy of our revised Articles of Incorporation. Laurel indicated that the Articles, Bylaws and current list of officers were sent to the IRS on 1/12/05.

Jimmy sent a thank you letter to Carol Paterick for her work on our website and also for her donation to the silent auction. Jimmy encouraged Board members to visit the website to view the revisions Carol has made.

Jimmy talked to Steve Marshall who indicated our net profit from the 2004 conference was $4844.03. Steve assured Jimmy that he would send the conference financial report to Amanda soon. It was noted that the profit might include the $1,500 start-up funds. Bob expressed concern that conferences are not designed to create a profit for the organization and if the budget is properly set up, we should not experience a profit. Jimmy indicated there would be a very tight budget for 2006. Jimmy will be in touch with Tony Fedler regarding proceedings from the 2004 conference. BeBe will pass along the 2004 donor list to the next conference committee. 

Goal 1.c of AREA’s Strategic Plan states that AREA will give a team presentation to the IAFWA in 2005 (Sept 11-17, Nashville, TN) concerning what constitutes effective aquatic education. Jenifer suggested involving the AREA representatives on the IAFWA Strategic Planning Session to help with this message and delivery of this presentation. Marc will coordinate and also offered to attend as a back-up. Marc, Jon and Jimmy will talk regarding the AFS meeting and stewardship symposium in Anchorage, AK, Sept 11-15 and discuss AREA’s involvement. Jenifer indicated she will be attending the AFS annual meeting if we need the AREA message carried there.

2005-2006 membership renewal is currently very low. Jimmy encouraged the Board to lead by example and get renewals taken care of as early as possible. He also encouraged the Board to actively recruit new members from local colleges/universities, tackle manufacturers, etc. Bob recommended frequent renewal reminders be sent to members via AREATalk with strict deadlines. Amanda will send e-mails and communicate with Carol to update the listserve. Amanda is willing to provide invoices upon request if agencies require it for payment. Renewal applications will be included in future conference brochures. In regard to the new membership categories, it was generally agreed upon that a sponsor organization may appoint two representatives to have access to the listserve. Others from the sponsor organization are welcome to become regular members.

A conference call was conducted on 3/1/05 regarding the 2006 conference and the entire committee was present. Jimmy reported that the committee discussed organization and initial workings of the conference. Jimmy will be considering the use of an outside agency (“booking agent”) to negotiate prices, etc to get us the best deal. He will review and get together with Marc. Jimmy indicated that the 2004 conference evaluations have been reviewed in depth and changes will be made for the 2006 conference to address concerns that were raised.

Marc indicated he is considering hosting a 2007 national meeting to begin the exploration of convening on an annual basis. Pros and cons were discussed. General consensus was that a survey may be the best way to find out what the members want and why there are members who aren’t attending bi-annual conferences but still maintain membership.

Ann Evans from Utah has indicated interest in hosting the 2008 conference. The Corpus Christi Tourism Office has also been in touch with Jimmy recently regarding hosting the 2008 conference. Each will be required to submit an RPF for Board review and consideration.

There was overall agreement that it is okay for organizations to use AREATalk as a method to distribute information about aquatic resource education programs (e.g. Hooked for Life) but that does not imply endorsement by AREA.

BeBe requested concerns and comments to carry to the Future Fisherman Foundation Board meeting.

In regard to the “reply” vs. “reply all” function of the listserve, it was agreed to provide a reminder/clarification to the membership. AREATalk is set up to reply only to the sender when “reply” is selected. If a member wishes to share his/her response with the entire membership, “reply all” should be selected. If “reply all” is used, members are encouraged to keep personal commentary to a minimum.

Carol Paterick had recently requested a back-up person to deal with the website in case anything happened to her. It was decided that this responsibility should lie with the Treasurer who keeps the membership list.

Since the Bylaws do not indicate Board approval for bills to be paid, the Treasurer will post a monthly report of any bills paid. Jimmy will be the second signature on the AREA bank account.

The next Board conference call will be scheduled for September or October. Board members are encouraged to keep a running list of items for the agenda and report them to Jimmy when requested. Jimmy asked that the Board review the strategic plan and keep it front of mind.

The meeting adjourned at 1:50pm CST.




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