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February 21 - 24, 2000

Meeting held at IGFA Museum, Dania, FL

  • Members present:

C. Richardson, C. Grove, G. Babey, A. Skalski-Windle, K. Toulouse, L. Nelson, B. Jones

  • Members absent: L. Bylander

  • Guest Facilitator/Meeting Host: Hector Cruz-Lopez

Carl opened meeting with discussion on board member positions, noting current vacancies, changes in employment of members, terms of office and the possible need to specifically address these areas within the bylaws and/or articles of incorporation. A "shopping list" of potential discussion topics for bylaw/articles amendment were created.

  • ITEM: Strategic planning - began with the identification of positive accomplishments during the past year, which were then ranked according to level of effort expended in relationship to level of benefit to the association and its membership. The following items were noted and ranked H-high or L-low in the areas of (effort/benefit):

>Improved communication with FedAid, IAFWA and other Washington, DC partners (H/H)

>Improved communication among AREA members (H/H) >Improved communication between members of the AREA board (H/H) >AREA board organization (H/H)

>Conference planning activities (H/H)

>Increased interaction/cooperation with ARE-related organizations (L/H)

>Increased Membership (H/H)

>Provision of feedback to Sportfishing and Boating Partnership Council (H/L)

>Strategic Planning (H/H)

  • A number of additional jobs that need to be addressed also were identified, as follows:

>Request for Proposals for the 2002 AREA National Conference

>Association outreach materials/display - continuing need

>Development of a board member's handbook to guide current and future board activities

>Definition of AREA's role in relationship with other, related programs

>Increased assistance/participation of members in efforts undertaken on behalf of AREA

  • ITEM: Presentation by Bruce Matthews, Pres. and CEO of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) "Welcome Stakeholders."

Bruce updated the board on the history, current activities and future planning for implementation of the Strategic Outreach Plan. Several AREA members have been asked to serve on task force committees working on the plan. After receiving Bruce's update, members of the board reviewed and discussed minutes of the 2/7/00 meeting of the RBFF Task Force Two (education), of which Carl Richardson is a member. An area of specific concern was the importance of state ARE involvement in the grant review process being considered by Task Force Two. Carl agreed to voice the concerns of the board members present before the members of the Task Force.

  • ITEM: The board raised a number of concerns to Bruce Matthews and Carl Richardson in regard to the 4-H National Fishing Program, and asked that they be shared with the program steering committee at the upcoming meeting in Dallas, TX.

  • ITEM: The board agreed on a near-term "to do" list of activities and projects, including the following assignments for individual members:

>Fill Board Treasurer's position vacated when Verdie was assigned a new position with his agency. Lonnie agreed to accept the responsibility, along with the duty of researching status of AREA's tax-exempt status.

>As a result of job changes in recent months and Lonnie's acceptance of the Treasurer's position on the board, there currently are three regions - the Southwest, Mid West and Southeast - that are not represented on the AREA Board of Directors. The board's desire is to fill these vacancies if there are regional members who are willing to serve.

>Board Handbook.....George Babey will review existing handbooks that guide similar organizations. Following review and appropriate adaptation, the board will approve and distribute.

>2002 Conference RFP....Kim will update current RFP for board approval, and distribute to general membership by 5/1/2000.

>Recommendations for amendment to Bylaws....board will review, recommend needed additions and/or changes, discuss via conference call and approve or disapprove by vote. The board also agreed that there are a number of changes/additions needed in the Articles, however, the process will require presentation to and approval by a majority of the members present at the AREA membership meeting scheduled to be held during the 2000 conference.

>Conference 2000 - Baltimore, MD......Anne will work on finding support for breaks and hospitality suite; Carl will send out Call for Papers ASAP; Cindy Grove and/or her staff will handle Silent Auction, Registration, logistics (including AV, hotel, catering for provided meals), and requests for donations from local vendors.

  • ITEM: Activities, programs and projects that will be brought before the membership for consideration during the annual meeting in Baltimore:

>Need for increased involvement and follow-thru by AREA members on committees and on specific projects and programs

>Professional Development/Training for members

>Professional Recognition of AREA and its membership

>Coordination with related organizations/agencies to prevent duplication of effort and enhance partnership opportunities

>Strategic Planning for AREA

>New Logo

  • ITEM: Next meeting. Members present agreed to meet, via conference call on March 14

  • The Final ITEM of Business: The board expressed the gratitude of AREA to the International Game Fishing Association for the use of a meeting room in their state of the art facility in Dania, FL, and to our friend Hector Cruz-Lopez for his assistance in coordinating logistics, serving as meeting facilitator, and playing host to those who attended. It was agreed that Carl would write appropriate letters, recognizing these efforts to the IGFA and Hector's Agency.



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